Decide whether to use this or OneNote as the main page I go to.

(Probably OneNote but we’ll see tomorrow.)

Sites that are Active:

Sentinel Launch by Priority:

  • Use ideas from here Noodlesoft | Hazel to build Folder Sentinel
  • Fix up the Demo 05 Site so I can use it for reference for my AHK addon to the Sentinel Program.
    • It will be an optional add for people who want to use it for WordPress or Bootstrap pages.
    • Document the hotkeys in the markdown.ahk file (maybe this should be called a WordPress helper file). Pick a proper name.
  • Incorporate Bootstrap elements using AHK
  • Work on finishing laying out and formatting the Rediscovering Photography Sentinel Beta Page.
  • In Sentinel add ‘steps’ so that you can do more than one operation on each item.
  • Add ‘steps’ so multiple operations can be done when Sentinel finds a file.
  • Finish doing the proper Pandoc support in Sentinel.
  • Make an example page showing what can be done in markdown.
  • Make an example page showing what can be done with images.
  • Announce pending release of Sentinel.
  • Release Sentinel beta.
  • Finish setting up theme on MBI and on RP and NVC and RAS or whatever is necessary now.
  • Clean up RP.

Sentinel Other Things to Do Post Launch:

  • Read the Pandoc documentation and add support for all Pandoc Options
  • Take the stuff from my old ‘Mike’s’ website and move to the private pages here.¬† My old Mikes site

Other Work Things To Do Now by Priority:



lorempixel – placeholder images

Current Objectives

  • Learn Markdown
  • Setup preliminary Beta pages for Sentinel Program
  • Finish the Sentinel Program and issue Beta

How to do a clearfix:

<div class="clearfix"></div>

Other Active Projects:

Mom or Moving Project

Breakfast Time

RP Site

Personal To Do Now By Priority:

  • Breakfast Time Project
    • Just check the TickTick file every day.
  • Get a 6" pipe at LBC, pay them for the board, jig saw out the hole.
    • Clean my room, then basement rooms.

Mom or Move Out Project

Mom Decisions and Options

  • What do I really want?
    • The option to leave occasionally? Yes, but that’s not a main problem.
    • Kathy and Patty off my ass? Yes, for sure. But…
      • It looks like Patty is going to play the mean bitch card. No wonder there, it is the only card she knows.
      • It looks like Kathy is going to play the stupid bitch card. Didn’t remember I had a checking account. Oh, duh!
      • Thinks Mom should go to a play that Kathy says she won’t like just to make us both go.
        • Why does Kathy have to go to all 3 performances?
    • Kathy and Patty to quit with the negative thoughts and always making Mom worry.
    • Kathy to share control with one of us boys?
  • Steps to take:
    • Make sure we go to the play when Steve is there. Be sure to mention that Kathy said no more farming.
      • Tell Mom first.
      • Then email Kathy on Thursday at the latest.
    • Do not mention Easter at all. I’ll just get in trouble. It is the Executor’s job to do so.
    • Tell everyone about our trip to go see Aunt Esther. Take along Beulah, Elsie, etc.
  • No get together on Easter this year because Patty and Kathy ruined it.
  • The boys all came on Mother’s day. Jim even came for the Mother’s Day breakfast I made. Patty never showed. Kathy wanted Mom to drive to her place. She’s too busy to come and see Mom.
  • How can I be proactive about this?
    • What do Kathy and Patty hope happens?
      • Of course they want Mom to get sick so they can blame it on me. Too bad that she seems very healthy.
    • How would a woman think. What is their next step?
  • Today Mom says she wants me to do her books.
  • What, if anything, should be done about Easter?
    • Kathy is the Executor and PeaceKeeper. So is it her problem?
  • Set up steps to finalize this Mom thing.
    • Do I need the co-executor thing. No option to that?
    • I need the option to get away for a certain amount of time.

Links I Use, Links I Need to Sort Into Useable Resource Areas

SitePM Add Free or Pro User

SitePhotoMove Wiki

SitePhotoMove Download

DataAll Sites Data Dump

Data‘mikes’ Folder on MBI